For shame, Cedarville

This is ridiculous and dangerous. For shame, Mr. Scharnberg and Dr. Gredy.

How dare you try and accomplish this (already concerning) return to fundamentalism in an unethical manner! How dare you sacrifice good men and their families on the altar of your own agenda, and then proceed to bathe your actions in lies!

Let There Be Light

From Bob Gresh, (husband of Dannah Gresh). Posted to the Cedarville University Alumni Association’s FB page on Feb 21:

“On Tuesday, I spoke on the telephone with Chairman of the Trustees, Lorne Scharnberg. He confirmed that he wanted to see Cedarville return to the fundamentalist position that it held 19 years ago. (I’m not sure what that referenced.) The quick shift that we are seeing is not a “change” but a “return to the way it always was.” He indicated that Carl Ruby was turning CU to the left and wanted CU to “become more like Wheaton” and so John Gr[e]dy recognized he had to go.

“I told him that I was surprised at his answers since they were different than what I had read in the news releases. He never denied that both Bill Brown and Ruby were pushed out. He recognizes that…

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