Evangelicals & the Bible, Pt. 2

Faith Improvised

Yesterday I wrote that I’ve been struck by a comment I’ve heard over the last several years.  It’s not that I hear it all the time, nor is it the only response I’ve heard from evangelicals (thankfully!).  It’s just that whenever I’ve heard it, I’ve thought it unusual, and I’ve wondered about the underlying assumptions that give rise to it.

Sometimes it’s, “I haven’t heard this before, so you must be wrong.”  More often, though, it’s something like, “I haven’t heard this before, and the fact that I haven’t heard this must be explained.”

As I indicated yesterday, I’ve come to understand evangelical identity as a posture of attentive submission to Scripture, a readiness to hear God’s word afresh and an obedient eagerness to have an ever-greater understanding of Scripture transform what we think and what we teach.

After reflecting on the aforementioned comment, it seems to me that it…

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