Evangelicals & the Bible, Pt. 5

Tim Gombis continues his insightful series on Evangelicals & the Bible.

Faith Improvised

Yesterday I cited a comment I’ve heard occasionally that indicates how some evangelical Christians regard the Bible.  They seek to understand the Bible primarily so that they can tell others what it says.

Those with this sort of anxiety need to understand that the gospel sets them free to enjoy open-ended conversations with others.  They can be fully genuine and even receive others’ questions as invitations to examine Scripture more closely for themselves.

This corrupted posture toward Scripture can also be driven by a desire to argue and demonstrate the superiority of one’s understanding.

I once had a conversation in which someone asked me how I regarded a certain passage in Ephesians 5 that stands at the center of controversies over gender among evangelicals.  I gave him a succinct summary of how I thought about it.

He then asked, “well, what are the implications of that sort of reading of…

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