Rethinking Christian Scholarship

Some compelling thoughts from Chris Attaway:

The Discerning Christian

Academia is currently a sad, sad place

A recent blog post by Peter Enns has me thinking. Christians who make it into evangelical academia may face extremely limited academic freedom on account of restrictive “Statements of Faith,” and many more freethinking Christians may still end up tied to such statements for lack of alternative jobs.

Before reading the article, I had already given a lot of thought to the direction I want to head in life. I have been eyeing graduate schools, but beyond what Dr. Enns’ has advised for Christians in academia, the life of a professor outside of Christianity/evangelicalism isn’t very good right now, either. My thought: we’re doing it wrong.

Rather than try to conceive of the Right Way of running high-level scholarship, as though going “back to the basics” will save us, let’s just try to work from where we find ourselves. There is no Platonic…

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