“The social imp…

“The social impact of envy and enmity, singly and in combination, is to reinforce the dominant values and practices that cause and perpetuate oppression in the first place. Envy and enmity keep the disprivileged and weak chained to the dominant order – even when they succeed in toppling it! All too often, of course, they do not want to topple the dominant *order;* as Bauman says; they ‘demand the reshuffling of cards, not another game. They do not blame the game, only the stronger hand of the adversary’ (216).
“Repentance thus empowers victims and disempowers the oppressors. It ‘humanizes’ the victims precisely by protecting them from either mimicking or dehumanizing the oppressors. Far from being a sign of acquiescence to the dominant order, repentance creates creates a haven of God’s new world in the midst of the old and so makes transformation of the old possible.”

~ Miroslav Volf in “Exclusion and Embrace,” p. 116.

Helpful thoughts on why Jesus calls for repentance from the *oppressed* as well as the oppressors. It isn’t to place the blame on the oppressed for their suffering, but to “change the game,” and prevent the ideas and practices of the dominant from remaining the dominant ideas and practices. See Volf, E&E, pp. 111-119.



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