The Hole in Our Complementarianism*

Thanks for writing this, Tamara!

“But here’s the thing … we were preaching. We studied the Bible, we studied methods, we studied form, we studied the greats from Charles Spurgeon to Howard Hendricks to Tony Campolo, and then we’d preach. The eight of us. To each other. Strong women. Smart women. Women who knew the Scriptures and were fully qualified to talk publicly about them to anyone of any age and of any sex, on a page or in a pulpit. And our interpretations and applications might have been wrong—as those coming from 19-year-old Christians with very little life experience usually are—but we would have had every right to throw them out there to our brothers in Christ and let them learn from us and disagree with us, so that we could learn from them and disagree with them as well. (Imagine all the insights men are missing out on when they learn to preach only in a room full of other men!) The learning gaps each of us experienced by being segregated for this sacred training is tragic.”



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