The Bible as Inspired Scripture

Good stuff on inspiration and the Word of God from Michael Pahl!

Morden Mennonite Church

This post originally appeared in August 2013. I’ve re-posted it here to coincide with our new sermon series: “Hearing God’s Voice: Becoming Better Bible Readers.”

“All Scripture is inspired by God…”

It may well be that no words in the Bible have had more read into them than these words.

These well-known words are from 2 Timothy 3:16.  For the moment let’s leave aside whether this is the best way to translate the Greek text. And let’s bracket off the question of whether this description of the Jewish Scriptures (our Old Testament) should also be applied to the New Testament. Those are valid questions. But even if we move past those hurdles, there’s at least one significant thing 2 Timothy 3:16 doesn’t say: it doesn’t say how Scripture is “inspired” or “God-breathed.”

Rather, we have to import our own ideas about the how of inspiration into our reading of…

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