Reconciliation and the Lack Thereof


In this essay, I endeavor to demonstrate the theological and exegetical legitimacy of viewing the atonement as the act in which the One God fulfills his creative purposes by bringing his uniqueness and simplicity to bear on our sinful, divisive condition through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah in order to save a people to robust unity with himself, each other, and the entire creation. 


8 thoughts on “Reconciliation and the Lack Thereof”

  1. Josh,
    I think this is an awesome work. I know there is much division in the “churches” around the world it is sad we as a body are not totally unified. I think it does go back to the days and start up of Romanism in 325 or so AD. The Scriptures speaking of Grace were ignored for doctrines of work. With those doctrines came a great divisiveness between the worshipping of the True Almighty God and the man made god many protestant and Romanism type churches worship. It is easy to forget the TRUE Church Jesus started when He called out the apostles on the shore of Galilee, never was a part of the protestant movement it was around before all others man made.


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